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Get the schedule details for our away games at Miami, Georgia Tech and at bitter rival University of Virginia.

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This page explains our full policy for the many users of who just browse the site and those who sign up to make deals and use the many VT college football services provided here by actually provides many hyperlinks to Virginia Tech football team sites. Please review the full privacy statements of these VT college football sites whenever you use them.

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Individual identifiable information is data which can be used to locate or send a message to a specific individual such as full name, phone number and mailing address.

Whenever an user browses any page from, the server records the user's particular IP address. uses browser information such as browser data. The essential data is used to monitor the traffic that receives.

What particular information is collected and how is actually collecting it? Full name, mailing address and contact numbers are retained from members who sign up here for services.

Whenever we amend our privacy policy, we shall add full details here.

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